Moors are men, upright, independent and fearless who care for their loved ones and follow the Prophet to a destiny which is not uncertain nor unknown. They are fortified by the impregnable doctrine built upon Love, Truth Peace, Freedom and Justice. It is therefore, folly at its greatest height for smelly culprits with their insidious plans to invade such realm. They try and try but their own bad planning brings down wrath upon their heads like the sword old Damocles had. Intrigue and scurrilous cunnings find a difficult path to travel within the ranks of the Moors. This is so because the Moorish Movement has been well planned by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, whose latent powers are abundant, unknown and may be called into action, as a matter of defense, at any moment. Prophet Noble Drew Ali knows the people within his ranks who are interested. They are vanguard of the Movement as the Moorish hordes increase here in America. All of the Moors are active not passive. A member’s interest can only be in one direction and having traveled over the road years before, the Prophet knows where every member is along the road. A few feet below is another road where schemes work, where traitors grin, and culprits bask in the sun. They think they are on the same road with true Moors, but the Moors are high above on a pinnacle where they might view the destructionists as they fall for the last time and their bones bleach in the sultry mid-day sun. Hungry scavengers flying high, catch scent, devour and leave crying out: Caveat Emptor — cast out the dead carcass. The Moors high above see these plotters, purveyors, the worst that exist, hurl themselves downward by their own works as the hawks wait.

Prophet Warns All Moslem. Governors Ordered To Read Proclamation At Each Meeting.

I, hereby inform all members that they must end all radical agitating speeches while at work, in their homes or on the streets. We are for peace and not destruction. Stop flashing your cards at Europeans; it causes confusion. Remember your card is for your salvation. Failure to obey these orders will be of severe consequences. We are for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, and when these principles are violated, justice must take its course. Any member or group of members who hold malicious feelings toward the temple or the Prophet, or violate the divine covenant of the Moorish Movement will receive their reward from Allah for their unjust deeds. All true Moors will, and must obey the law as laid down to them by their Prophet. If they lose confidence in their Prophet, they should turn in their card and button, cease wearing their turban and fez and return to the state where I, the Prophet, found you. This is a holy and divine movement founded by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, and if the Prophet is not right, the temple is not right. The Prophet, therefore is sending out the divine plea, to all Moorish Americans that they do their part in protecting their Prophet and Temple. This is an everlasting movement founded by the Prophet through the will of Allah to redeem his people from their sinful ways.


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